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If you are involved with any organization or with any business then you must be required to accomplish your routine task and most them very common too whether it is official or even personal. To do so you need a help where you can easily handle your work like letter typing, organizing a meeting and for that circular distribution, some printout and much other related works. Microsoft Office is a suite which includes many applications such as

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft OneNote
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Sway
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • One Drive for Business

Server applications

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft Project Server
  • SharePoint
  • InfoPath Forms Services
  • Outlook on the web
  • Office Web Apps Server
  • Excel Services
  • Skype for Business Server
ms office help and support
support for microsoft office

Online services

  • Classroom
  • Forms
  • Office Online
  • One Drive
  • Planner
  • Skype for Web
  • Sway
  • Teams

Microsoft Office Helpline Number

Microsoft Office can be counted as its core product like Windows as it was launched long way back when Windows was launched initially in November 1990 and after that evolved a lot in many ways as the application was attached later and few were removed from the MS Office suite. MS Office can be utilized in many ways whether personal or professional. It has several features and functions which is the base of every organization and can help them in enhancing the business and make the process easier and user-friendly. MS office comprised of several applications which are really user-friendly and can be used by any non- I.T. person. You might face some technical error while using MS office and need some help for the same. Well, it is quite obvious as it has evolved a lot especially technology wise which is quite advanced now and to resolve the issues in it you can have the assistance from MS Office Support where you will be assisted by the well-qualified and skilled technicians who can resolve each and every issue which you face in it. There will be a hassle-free solution and in a rapid manner with accuracy.

How to troubleshoot problems that occur when you start or use Word?

Sometimes you might confront some errors while using MS Office the moment you start the Office the error occurs. This happens due to installation error s you couldn’t install ms office in a proper way. There might be some reasons too and discuss them you can follow some steps in order to resolve the issue on an instant basis. If you failed to resolve the issue or face any other error while following the steps, then you can have the assistance from Microsoft Office Customer Support Number where you can get the help from qualified and expert technicians who can handle the problem in an easy way and without any hassle with a quick and accurate response.

Verify or install the latest updates

To begin the process, you are required to set the Windows Update on an automatically download and install recommended updates. If you will frequently install the recommended updates, then there is a chance of correction of the issue which will replace out of date file and can fix the issue easily. In case you failed to resolve the issue then there is another option for you can try the second method which is described over here. If your computer is well updated then it’s a fair chance that the error can be fixed easily. So before trying any methods below, if you will install the updates then the problem can be resolved.

microsoft office  customer support

You have another option to troubleshoot the problems which occur while starting the Word

In this section, you will be required to follow the steps in a proper manner as any wrong changes in the registry files can cause a serious problem so before modifying the registry files you are required to take the backup of registry files for restoration in case the error occurs.

Insert your document into another file

If you want to see the information regarding document then final paragraph contains that. In any case, if the document is damaged then you will be able to retrieve the text of the document by omitting the final paragraph mark. If you want to access any document but want to leave its final paragraph mark behind, then you will be required to follow the below-provided steps:

  • To start the process you have to first click on the New option which can be found on the File menu, after that you have to click on New and then you need to click on the Blank Document.
  • In this step, you have to click on the Object option in the Text group which can be found on the Insert tab, and after that, you have to just click on the Text from File.
  • Now you will be required to select the file which you want to open and then you have to click on the Insert option.

Start Word by using the /a switch to resolve the issue

There is another option for you to rectify the issue if you failed to resolve it through the previous option and that /a switch which is actually a troubleshooter tool which is used find out that where is the problem may reside in the Word. The /a switch can be utilized in preventing add-ins and the global templates to load automatically. It also locks the setting files in order to prevent to be read or modified. To utilize the /a switch option for starting the word, you will be required to follow the mentioned steps below-

  • To start the process you have to first type the Run in the Search box or in the Start Search box which can be found on the Start menu (in earlier versions of Windows), and after that, you have to press the Enter option.
  • After that, you have to type WinWord / an in the Run dialog box, and after that, you need to just press the Enter key.

After applying the above process through /a switch to solve the issue and if there is no problem occurs while starting the Word then you can try the next method to find it out the root cause of the problem

Delete the Word Data registry subkey

There is another way to sort out the error if the earlier method doesn’t work or shows some error and that is the Word Data registry subkey option which quite a common troubleshooting option for the word where you have to just delete the Word Data registry subkey. After restarting the Word, the program automatically rebuilds the Word Data registry key through default settings.

You are required to note it down that in the process Word resets many options to their default settings, so you need to change the process is done.

Process for deleting the Word Data registry subkey

Before starting the process you have to keep some important thing in the mind that there might be some serious issue can occur if you will not follow the steps in a proper manner so in order to protect the vital information it is a suggestion for you that take up the backup of the registry files for the restoration in case any error occurs.

you have to just follow the below steps in order to delete the Word Data registry subkey-

  • To start the process you have to first Exit all the Office programs.
  • Now you need to type regedit in the provided Search box in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or in the earlier versions Start Search box on the Start menu and after that, you have to just press Enter option.
  • After the previous step, you are required to locate the following registry subkey whichever suits and appropriate for the version of the Word which you are using:

Word 2016


Word 2013


Word 2010


Word 2007


Word 2003


  • Now in this step, you have to just click on the option Data, and after that, you are required to click on the Export option on the File menu.
  • After that, you have to name the file Wddata.reg, and just save the file on the desktop.
  • In this step, you will be required to click on the Delete option from the Edit menu and after that just click on Yes button.
  • Finally, you have to Exit the Registry Editor and start the Word again

If you find the Word is working properly then the issue is resolved and can change the settings to restore your favorite options in the Word.

What is exactly MS Office Customer Support?

MS Office is known as the best application suites in the world as it has several applications comprised of such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Access, and MS Outlook which are mainly utilized in almost every organization across the world. It has no comparison with any other existing applications. It is designed and developed by Microsoft itself and you can utilize them according to your need. It can solve many purposes for different tasks and requirements.

When we discuss the MS Office then it is quite obvious that you must have some issues too related to it. Well, these issues need to be resolved at the earliest as everyone face such issues when they are in the middle of their work so in order to handle such issues Microsoft has provided a solution in the form of Microsoft Office Technical Support Number where it comprised of Microsoft certified and experienced technicians who can handle each and every technical issue which you face while using MS Office. You can reach out to the provided toll-free number in an easy manner and the technicians will take over the charge in order to resolve the issue and provide you the solution in a rapid and accurate manner. You can avail the support services for 24x7 as technicians are always available for supporting you for the errors in MS Office.

Before using MS office, you need to install it and sometimes the users are not that techno-savvy and don’t know the process of MS Office installation. So, in that case, you have not to worry as you can get the perfect solution over here in order to resolve the installation issue and you will be required to follow the all the steps exactly as they are mentioned below over here. All these steps will allow you to install MS Office in a proper way. In case if you still face any problem while installing MS Office you have one more way to sort out this issue as you can reach out to the MS Office Helpline Number for resolving the technical hiccups. Well, below are the steps which you need to follow for installing MS Office in an easy way-

How to install MS office?

Steps for MS Office Installation-

  • To start the process first you are required to insert the MS Office CD in the CD drives on their systems.
  • After that, the setup wizard will pop up on the screen where you will be needed to enter the product serial key.
  • Now in this step, you have to read the Microsoft Software license terms & conditions and then need to select the continue option.
  • Finally, you need to just follow the onscreen provided steps and when the process is completed then select the close button.

By following the steps provided above you will be able to resolve the problem related to MS Office installation and even then if you have some issue related to the same issue then emissary of Microsoft Technical Support team will help you for the same.

Why You Need Microsoft Office Support Number?

MS Office has several applications which are used everywhere and it is a possibility that you can confront with an error related to it and need some assistance for the same. The error can be of any type which depends on the type of your work or maybe some common error which is defined below for your consumption

  • Setup & install Microsoft office
  • Reinstall Microsoft office in case of any corrupt and service packs
  • Modify Microsoft office settings for greater productivity
  • Upgrade and update Microsoft office to most recent versions
  • Import, organize, and look at data sets in Microsoft office
  • Restore missing files, folders and other important data in Microsoft Office
  • Instruction is projected are disabled
  • While typing the black bar shown
  • Prompt showing while saving
  • Title bar flashes
  • Lost file recovering
  • Unable to open word
  • Grammar and Spellchecking is not working
  • Printer driver outdated
  • Fields does not display correctly after mail
  • Bullet points and numbering is not working
  • Mail merge with another word document
  • Word file work slow
  • Menu and toolbar missing
  • How to move auto-correct
  • Protected document
  • Unexpected behavior
  • Error while opening clip art
  • Error while installation
  • Blank document contains text

The main reason behind the Microsoft Support center is to assist you in resolving such kind of technical hiccups as mentioned above. All these issues are lit bit technical, but can be resolved with the help of qualified technicians which can be available through technical Support team of Microsoft. Through this service you have not to wait for a long to get the solution of your problem. You can easily reach out and can rectify every issue in instant manner.

What you will get from Microsoft office Customer Support Number

It is really a big question that what you get out of MS Office Customer Service Number whether your issue will be resolved or not, will it be possible to reach out the representative of MS Office tech support team, or not. Yes, this question is quite relevant for everyone and the answer is absolutely yes, it is worth to reach out to the MS Office Tech Support team and you will surely get a prompt and accurate reply from the team with a perfect solution. The team members of tech support system will always be there for you to handle every issue which you face in MS Office. Team members are ready to deliver for you every time you reach out to them whether it is a same or different issue. It can help your organization in boosting the growth of the business and to achieve the targets which you set for the company. There are some features which can be defined here for the MS Office Tech Support team such as-

  • The immediate callback is the best feature of MS Office tech support team where the prompt reply is the key to success.
  • We assure you for 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • You're all the issues will be handled by the well-qualified skilled and Certified experts who can resolve the issues instantly
  • We have experts who are fixed for resolving the certain errors and that makes them more perfect to help you
  • Our services will be available 24x7 online and you can avail them at any time according to your need

Through the above description, it can be understood that you can resolve your all the technical issues with the help of MS office tech Support team as it is backed up by the Microsoft and the highly qualified and Microsoft certified technicians who assist you in each and every issue you face while using MS Office. You can reach at a time to get the support from the MS office tech support team as it is available 24x7 online and 365 days. The moment you give a call the support system, you will get a response on an instant basis and your issue will be taken care immediately to start the process of the solution with a quick and accurate service. After reaching out to the MS office representative your call will be transferred to the concerned and specialized person who can resolve the issue with a proper reply. This complete process will hardly few minutes or it can be said a very short span of time and this is the key features of MS Office Support system. This is completely a hassle-free service for the customers of MS Office.

How to Contact Microsoft Office Number?

Microsoft is a known name in the tech industry which comprised of several highly sophisticated products and used by billions in across the world. A few years back there was no competition for Microsoft in the industry as it was the sole leader in the globe. Even now it is on the top due to its products as it has evolved in past two decades a lot especially on the technology ground. It has several products and Windows and MS Office is the core product of it. If you ever confront with any kind of technical glitches related to installation, data recovery, update, and activation while using MS Office, then you have the best option in the form of Microsoft Office Customer Service Number and you have to just reach out to the same for getting the help from skilled technicians on an instant basis. If you ever confront with any of the technical hiccups related to MS Office which are mentioned in the earlier section with the heading of “Why you need Microsoft Office Support Number” where there are several issues which need attention, then you can easily reach out to the MS Office Tech Support Number where the representatives will attend your issues who will be available 24x7 online to assist you in resolving the problem whichever you face. To reach out to the MS Tech Support team members, there are few simple steps which you have to follow such as-

You can initiate a Live Chat session with technicians

To connect with the experts, you have to just click on the live chat button and then enter your contact details in the respective box and describe your problem in brief which you are facing exactly over here.

Connect with Microsoft office chat support:

Here you are required to click on the chat support button and after that connect with the MS office tech support technicians.

Enable remote access:

You will be required to click on the enable button and technicians from MS Office Tech Support System will help you through remote assistance where the representative will access your system remotely.

Microsoft office help number:

If you find any difficulties in accessing the chat support then you can avail the other facility by contacting the toll-free number where your issues will be resolved on an instant basis.

How can you reach out to MS Office Technical Support Number?

If you are really fed up with the Microsoft errors while using MS Office then it is time to get the best option in order to handle all such issues which interrupt your working system. Yes, we are discussing MS Office tech Support services which can really help you in resolving all kind of technical hiccups in MS Office. Microsoft has its own customer support services which comprised of well-qualified and skilled technicians who are well- experienced in handling every kind of technical issues in MS Office and can provide the best suitable solution for every error which you face in MS Office.

The most important features of the MS Office Customer Service is its quick response. Yes, whenever you will call the customer support service, you will be responded instantly by the Microsoft representative and will handle your query in a better way. The reason behind the quick response is that it has really a huge team of technicians and all of them are Microsoft certified to resolve the issues in a quick way. One more feature of the service makes it viable as it can provide the service 24x7 265 days and it makes it special as there is no fixed time of error as it can occur at any time and you might be in the middle of some important work and need help for error resolution. So the team is always ready to help you whenever you want. From now onwards you can easily reach out to the customer service as it is within your reach every moment whenever you face any issue while using MS Office. It is quite easier for you to avail the help through MS Office Customer Support service with a single click or a single tap on Smartphone.

Why is MS Office Tech Support better than others?

Well, it is an obvious question for everyone as you can find several tech support organizations in the market and they all are used to claim as the number one customer support service providers. Before choosing any of them, it is required that you should compare the service between two and you can easily figure out the difference and find out why MS Office Tech Support is a better option than any other services. Well, to understand the basic difference between the two, you reach out both the tech support providers and observe the difference. After doing so you will be able to choose the best among them. It is quite clear now that if you ever confront any kind of technical hiccups in MS Office then you have the best option available from where you can rectify every technical issue in it without any delay with an accurate solution within a very short span of time as we believe in the best.